Friday, October 31, 2008

a dot

A dot that will never be able to be filled, setting there in a spotlight surrounded by the scratches
that fills the area. What will be made of the dot? Will it decay into the earth like everything else
or will it defy gravity? A dot in with so many other dots of all the same size and shape as itself
what will make it stand above the crowd? Suddenly, the scratches go away from around the dot. It begins
form into something bigger better than ever before, It develops emotions, feelings and senses, it
begins to observe the world around it, it adapts to the area in which it is in. It starts thinking,
Then suddenly grows long beautiful lines... After a while begin to form shapes and numbers a form of commu-
nication. Finally then, the lines begin jumping around hastly... something is written:

You are the dot.......

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

just when you think you know...

"Knowing something about something should not be it"
I was sitting in computer introduction class today thinking to myself as i watched the teacher talk away" I know this stuff, what am i doing here"
Then all of a sudden, BAM, I thought to myself what the hell was that. See just because you think that you know all about something there is always something to learn and even better comprehend the task at hand, as a computer major i know computer technology is always changing in which there is a higher demand for knowledge.
I feel that knowing everything is impossible even if you have a masters degree in an area things evolve into bigger better things keeping up with things is the key to being a professional.
I have friends in the computer field and they could tell you that things change being prepared and knowing what to look into and what to look out for is also the key. as i end heres a thought do i really everything about something....

Sunday, October 26, 2008

To think or not?

(There are some things in life that just need to be addressed, people always look at something then come up with the most oblivious solution . But do do you think it is better or worse to think or act upon that short of a decision? It has almost became an impulse to some and response to that sudden spur of the moment situation)
Acting before thinking: know how too succeed'
Thinking:Rats are used in science experiments-rats go through a maze and get the cheese. the rats knew that there was cheese so it seen and planned a route to go after the cheese what would that be?
My computer science teacher told us to "think backwards" Look at things that we dont see from our angle
I feel that if we look that way then we will begin to realize what our decisions have on the world around us.
Im not a activist , but that actually would be a great cause for this, but, anyways, the way things are going

We arent going anywhere fast our decisions influence things in the future our kids future....
What can we do look backwards now, in our lifetime will we have all the essentials we need to survive
or will we die out like everything else before us or will we stand up ad fight for what we believe in and truly
realize what we are doing to ourselves.

type craving

"there are a variety of things in life to think about"
Think back to a time you wish you could have changed something, now look at yourself and look at the future, There are a variety of things in life to think about,but what can you do nothing now. look at what you have or what you could have and see the difference. I know I'am still young, but i have noticed the older people would be great bloggers: intuitive,experienced people who know what they are talking about. They have went through life and done things that they regret and things they could have done better. Finally to let you know this blog is for the intention of becoming better and knowing how things work to get a better grasp on reality.
This blog is not an instruction manual for life but a viewpoint from different areas and walks of life.
Things in the nature of doing things, seeing things, and viewing, capturing the aspect and innovations of life is in fact what this blog is about and hopes that everyone that reads it will see it for the good.